Objections from the Eisenhower family

President Eisenhower’s family long objected to the proposed memorial design. A letter from his son John to Eisenhower Memorial Commission Vice Chairman Daniel Inouye in 2012 voiced the family’s concerns:

“The Memorial design is so far off base that I urged a delay in the planning process for a significant period…Though the members of the Eisenhower family are grateful to those who conceived of this memorial and have worked hard for its success, we have come to believe that the Eisenhower Memorial Commission has no intention of re-examining the concept, even though there would be ample historic precedent for it. It is apparently interested only in convincing us of the virtues of the present design…we as a family cannot support the Eisenhower Memorial as currently designed—in concept, scope, or scale.”

Read the letter here.

Divided Public Opinion

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No Public Selection Process

The Eisenhower Memorial Commission rejected the standard public process for designing national memorials, through public competitions that are open to everyone. Such competitions were used for every memorial designed for the National Mall since the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1981, and for all three of the national September 11th memorials.  

Instead the commission used a government program that considers only registered architects, on the basis of their reputations. That program was overturned as inappropriate and undemocratic the only other time it was tried for a national memorial (the World War II Memorial, in 1996).

A Congressional investigation found irregularities in the administration of this government program for the Eisenhower Memorial, which favored the eventual winner (see below).

Read more about the selection process here and here.

An Expensive Proposal

  • Thumbnail 1 Thumbnail 1
    Washington Memorial
    Cost: $45.3 million*
      Lincoln Memorial
    Cost: $48.6 million
    Thumbnail 1   Thumbnail 1
    Jefferson Memorial
    Cost: $42.4 million
      Eisenhower Memorial
    Currently $150 million

No Funding from Congress

Congress has withheld public funds to build the Eisenhower Memorial since 2012. Lawmakers also removed a waiver that would have allowed construction to begin without full funding, and since 2013 they cut the annual operating budget for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission from $2 million to $1 million. Explanatory language in the Congressional Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 “urge[s]the Commission to work with all constituencies — including Congress and the Eisenhower family - as partners in the planning and design process.”

Read about the 2013 budget here.
Read about the Fiscal Year 2014 budget here.
Read about the Fiscal Year 2015 budget here.

Congressional Investigations

In 2012 The House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform opened an investigation into “the process leading to acceptance of the Frank Gehry submission.”

Also in 2012 the House Committee on Natural Resources opened an investigation into activities of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. In July 2014 it published the results of its investigation in a report titled “A FIVE-STAR FOLLY: An Investigation into the Cost Increases, Construction Delays, and Design Problems That Have Been a Disservice to the Effort to Memorialize Dwight D. Eisenhower.”  Among the findings in that report:

“[Commission] Chairman Rocco Siciliano stated at the commission’s March 30th, 2006 meeting that “he had a discussion several years ago with architect Frank Gehry, who indicated an interest in a possible design of the Eisenhower Memorial.” (p.11)

“Chairman Siciliano served as the Vice Chairman of the Los Angeles Philharmonic when Mr. Gehry was commissioned to design the Philharmonic’s Walt Disney Concert Hall…Both Mr. Gehry and Mr. Siciliano are Honorary Life Directors of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association Board of Directors.” (p.11)

“Rather than establish a design competition that would be open to all interested architects, artists, students, or designers regardless of professional stature or experience, as had been used for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and others, the Commission chose to utilize GSA’s Design Excellence Program for the memorial design competition.” (p. 12)

“The process used to select Frank Gehry as the designer substantially deviated from the standard Design Excellence Program. . . The evaluation board changed the weight of how the factors would be considered, giving more weight to a designer’s portfolio of work and less to the designer’s past performance. The low weight given to Past Design Performance and the greater weight given to the designer’s portfolio and profile may have assisted in the selection of Gehry, given criticism about previous notable Gehry projects coming in significantly over budget and allegations of leaks and other flaws in Gehry designed buildings. (p.14)

“As of 2013, the Gehry contract [for the Eisenhower Memorial] had been modified 23 times, increasing the total value of the contract by almost $6.5 million, nearly 65 percent of the original contract’s value.” (p.21)

“The cost under the Gehry contract to create mockups of the steel tapestries that form the border of the Memorial has thus far increased by 2,300 percent.” (p. 39)

A Poor Track Record for the Architect

Project Name Estimated Completion Actual Completion Estimated Cost Actual Cost
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles 1997 2003 $100 Million
(rev. from $50m)
$274 Million1

Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago 2000 2004 $10.8 Million $60 Million2

Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT, Boston January 2004 May 2004 $165 Million $315 Million3

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 20054
orig. 2003
Cancelled for lack of funding $40 Million $200 Million5
at cancellation

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial 2017
orig. 2015
  $55-75 Million Currently $150 million

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